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Our Staff

Dr. Chris Bustamante, DNP, NP-C

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Chris Bustamante is an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner and received his Doctorate in Nursing Practice from Columbia University’s School of Nursing. Chris specializes in aesthetic treatments such as: laser hair removal, anal pigment lightening, botox, fillers, microneedling, and chemical peels. He is always attending the latest aesthetic trainings and conferences to continue educating himself in advanced techniques.

While in nursing school, Chris completed his community health rotation at Callen Lorde, a clinic that specializes in LGBTQ+ healthcare. At Callen Lorde he worked closely with the Director of Anal Health during his clinical and became fascinated with this niche area of healthcare, as he feels it’s often overlooked when addressing health and wellness in the LGBTQ+ community.

Prior to becoming an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, Chris worked as a makeup artist for several years with MAC Cosmetics. This is where Chris developed a precise eye for detail, facial proportions, and customizing beauty to the individual. Chris is a skincare guru and loves to teach patients about the importance of implementing a skincare regimen in their daily lives. Utilizing both his knowledge of medicine and passion for aesthetics, Chris is able to deliver effective aesthetic treatments from bottom to top in order to help patients feel more confident about their appearance.