Anal Bleaching

What is anal bleaching?

Anal bleaching is a treatment that works to lighten the color of the skin around the anus for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes. We prefer the term anal pigment lightening as we use formulas that are safe for your most intimate, delicate areas. The genital region has the highest density of melanocytes (cells that make pigment) than anywhere in the body. The denser the pigment, the darker the skin. Patients start with a free consultation with our Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner to determine the best treatment plan for you.

Everyone’s level of pigmentation varies, and some individuals may have pigmentation or other issues on the butt cheeks they may want to address, too, which can influence our treatment plan for you. By utilizing various peels and creams, we can customize your anal lightening experience to deliver results that our patients love. In addition, we provide you with all the education and post-treatment care to help maintain your anal bleaching results at home over time.

Before Your Visit:

  • No waxing, shaving, or laser hair removal for at least one week
  • No open sores or lesions
  • If history of Herpes Simplex viral infections a prescription antiviral medication is required 3 days prior to the procedure and 5 days post

After Your Visit:

  • No waxing or laser hair removal for at least two weeks
  • Avoid friction and excessive heat to the treated area for at least 8 hours
  • Refrain from receptive anal play of any kind for 5-7 days
  • Do not exfoliate your skin or use products that may cause irritation
  • Resume moisturizing the treated area as needed

Anal Bleaching Costs at Bespoke Surgical:

Anal Bleaching Consultation – FREE

When you arrive for your free consultation, our Aesthetic Nurse will provide you with your pre and post-treatment details to prepare you for your anal bleaching service. This consultation is personalized to your condition, goals, and preference.

Medical Grade Peel – $650

This price includes two sessions of our medical grade peel designed to lift hyperpigmentation. Each session is 60 minutes in-office. You will be prescribed a cream to utilize before, during, and two weeks after your treatments in order to prevent post-treatment hyperpigmentation and to further improve the results from your visits with us.


If you are interested in learning more about anal bleaching or would like to book a free consultation schedule an appointment today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does anal bleaching hurt the hole? Can it burn?
Most patients find our medical grade peel to be quite comfortable. We haven’t experienced any patients reporting a burning sensation with this peel (and we haven’t felt it ourselves). In terms of “hurting” the hole, no, we only use products that are safe and effective. Occasionally some patients may report very mild itching or dryness 1-3 days post peel. But it can be easily relieved by applying moisturizer to the area. The peel makes the skin temporarily more sensitive (usually 5-7 days).

Can I have sex after anal bleaching?
We recommend patients wait 5-7 days before engaging in anal play (whether with a partner or a toy). This is because the skin will be more sensitive and excessive friction can be irritating. But we definitely want you to show off your new hole once you’re healed!

How much does anal bleaching cost?
Our anal bleaching service is $650 and includes 2 treatments. The pre and post-treatment cream is prescribed and usually costs about $50 through our preferred pharmacy, Capsule.

How many treatments do you need for anal bleaching?
Thus far all of our patients have been satisfied with the 2 treatments included in the $650 package. If a patient wants to possibly go lighter, we can assess to determine the next best steps.

How much lighter can I expect my hole to get?
This varies from person to person. While our peel has consistently provided great results, we do find that a great portion of the anal bleaching result varies on the patient. Being consistent with the pre and post-treatment regimen is crucial to receiving optimal results. Some patients with drastic hyperpigmentation may see amazing results with 4-5 shades lifted, while others with minimal hyperpigmentation may only see 1-2 shades lifted. We discuss all of this at your free consultation where we assess your hole to give you some insight into what result you can expect.

Does anal bleaching lighten up the hair around the hole?
No, the peel we use does not actually contain bleach and therefore does not interact with the hair it touches. Years ago, anal bleaching solutions had various harsh ingredients, like peroxide, which would lighten hair and cause irritation. Our formulas are gentle, yet effective.

I love the idea of anal bleaching, but is possible to bleach my scrotum and penis?
Yes, it’s possible. The skin on the scrotum and penis doesn’t lift as easily as the skin around the asshole, but it does work. It’s important to have realistic expectations knowing this area isn’t going to lift 4-5 shades, but we’ve seen it lift 1-2 shades nicely and patients have been very happy.

Is there any non-aesthetic-related reason why someone would bleach their hole?
Anal bleaching is mostly for aesthetic purposes. However, if you’re doing laser hair removal and our Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner sees that your hole is particularly dark he may recommend anal bleaching to lighten the skin so the laser can be set at a higher setting to deliver better results.

How long do the results from anal bleaching last?
This varies from patient to patient. Patients who lift several shades (usually more than 3 shades) rarely return to their baseline darkness, but will gradually darken over the course of time. In patients where they only lifted 1-2 shades, they may see themselves returning to baseline in one to two years.

Can I do anal bleaching at home?
There are various products on the market that are sold directly to consumers. Prior to us offering the anal bleaching service we did a full market review to try the most popular products out there and found no success with them. The bleaching protocol we use in our office includes a prescribed pre and post-treatment cream and a medical-grade peel for optimal results.

Is there any way to extend my anal bleaching results?
Yes! Continuing your post-treatment as prescribed is important to maintain results. We also highly recommend laser hair removal, as the friction from shaving can darken skin (if you prefer to be hairy then that’s fine, it’s more of the process of hair removal via shaving, waxing, etc, that darkens skin over time).

This page was medically reviewed by Dr. Evan Goldstein on November 13, 2020.

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