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Bespoke Laboratory is a full-service anatomic pathology suite, differentiating ourselves from the current marketplace using a highly personalized private approach. New endeavors like Bespoke Laboratory allow for the diversification of practice structure, which in turn has the potential for an enhancement in overall revenue stream.  Some of the significant benefits that Bespoke Laboratory has to offer include:

  • A complete management team, ensuring no change to your daily routine
  • Endless anatomic pathological options through AcuPath’s innovative testing menu and a sub-specialized anatomic pathological preparatory unit
  • Access to a suite of software products via AcuPath, which allows you to create dynamic laboratory and office workflows
  • Daily specimen pickups from multiple locations ensure a quick turnaround time on your report
  • Final results available electronically through secure fax or EMR sync, as well as by hard-copy
  • Enhanced out-of-network billing with Preferred MD Solutions, maximizing revenue
  • The convenience of direct communication between your in-office physicians and our highly qualified pathologists via secure email or cellular, enhancing overall patient care
  • Guidance to an enhanced personal revenue stream, with the option of future individual pathology suite set-up

From Our Clients

“Going to the doctors is never easy but from the moment I walked in I felt myself exhale for the first time since my issues began. Thank you to everyone for creating a space that calms while inspiring wellness and healing. To be seen and heard by someone within our LGBT community was a game changer.” – A.H.

“Steve [Lavender] said it best, it’s a community thing! Loved every person I interacted with, felt validated and like everyone was eager to help. I think you’ve got something really special here.” – A.O.

“Always so professional, yet personable. I feel super comfortable coming to bespoke.”

– C. S.

“Such a wonderful experience, the staff was all so sweet! Can’t wait to be back and tell everyone about how great my experience was!”

– M. M.



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