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Bespoke Laboratory is a full-service anatomic pathology suite, differentiating ourselves from the current marketplace using a highly personalized private approach. New endeavors like Bespoke Laboratory allow for the diversification of practice structure, which in turn has the potential for an enhancement in overall revenue stream.  Some of the significant benefits that Bespoke Laboratory has to offer include:

  • A complete management team, ensuring no change to your daily routine
  • Endless anatomic pathological options through AcuPath’s innovative testing menu and a sub-specialized anatomic pathological preparatory unit
  • Access to a suite of software products via AcuPath, which allows you to create dynamic laboratory and office workflows
  • Daily specimen pickups from multiple locations ensure a quick turnaround time on your report
  • Final results available electronically through secure fax or EMR sync, as well as by hard-copy
  • Enhanced out-of-network billing with Preferred MD Solutions, maximizing revenue
  • The convenience of direct communication between your in-office physicians and our highly qualified pathologists via secure email or cellular, enhancing overall patient care
  • Guidance to an enhanced personal revenue stream, with the option of future individual pathology suite set-up

From Our Clients

“Dr. Goldstein is an excellent surgeon. He really does care, completely understands and respects that my butt has more than one function. I won’t let anyone other than him resolve issues that may arise.”

– S. W.

“Dr. Goldstein has been treating me for several years now. He has performed two surgeries on me as well as more minor procedures and he has really improved my quality of life! His office is beautiful and easy to get to and I’ve rarely had to wait in his waiting area for very long. He and his staff have always been friendly and respectful and I always look forward to seeing them. You can’t go wrong when you have the best!”

– M. S.

“As a gay male, I know all to well the pains of dealing with a non-LGBTQ practitioner who thinks that as long as you’re tested for HIV, they’ve done their job. Dr. Goldstein is a completely different experience. He and his team are extremely personable, welcoming, and knowledgeable. Pretty much always on time, always available for questions over email, and always takes time to talk to you before getting right into business.”

– S. K.

“10/10 RECOMMEND!!! I have been going to Bespoke Surgical for over a year now and have nothing but amazing things to say. The staff is super friendly!”

– K. H.



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