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Transform your appearance with our range of anal cosmetic services, from rejuvenating butt facials to anal bleaching, all part of our tailored self-care treatments. Beyond cosmetics, we offer anal reconstruction services and surgical procedures. Visit our NYC office or give us a call to learn more about how we fuse aesthetics with function to bring our clients beautiful and healthy results.

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Repair & Restore With Cosmetic Anal Services

Not loving the look of your butt? You can engage in self-care for your booty by booking an appointment with us to get an anal facelift. Check out our anal cosmetic options like butt facials, anal bleaching, and more.

Looking for a more serious upgrade for your anus? Check out our anal reconstruction services for anal cosmetic surgery options. We offer anal aesthetic surgery in conjunction with our medical reconstruction choices.

Explore Our Aesthetic services

Chemical Peels

Experience skin transformation with our precise NYC chemical peels. Achieve smooth, improved skin with these medical-grade treatments.

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Revitalize your skin’s youthfulness with our NYC microneedling treatments. Enhance skin elasticity and address aging from your back to your feet.

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Butt Facials

Booty skin treatments can be beneficial for targeting a variety of skin-care concerns, like clogged pores, breakouts and acne, ingrown hairs, and hyperpigmented skin.

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Laser Hair Removal

Remove hair from your body and prevent future growth by precisely targeting hair follicles via laser heat.

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Laser Hair Reduction

Opt for softer, thinner hair with our laser hair reduction. Reduce friction in sensitive areas through exclusive laser technology that thins, rather than completely removes hair.

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Genital & Anal Bleaching

Utilizing a medical grade lightening agent designed for sensitive skin, we are able to create a more even genital and anal area.

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Service Packages


$3050 ($5000+ value)
The all inclusive package that addresses every aspect of perfecting your butt from hair removal, anal bleaching, and addressing acne, texture and pigmentation on your butt cheeks.

  • Brazilian laser hair removal (6 sessions)
  • Anal bleaching (2 sessions)
  • Chemical peel for butt cheeks (1 session)
  • Microneedling treatment for butt cheeks (1 session)


$1950 ($2200+ value)
Everything you need for a brighter hole and clear perfect bum, but minus the hair removal.

  • First visit for consultation (15 mins)
  • Anal bleaching sessions (2 sessions)
  • Chemical peel for butt cheeks (2 sessions)
  • Microneedling treatment for butt cheeks (2 sessions)


$1525 ($1750 value)
Ideal for those looking to address butt acne, scarring, pigmentation and texture.

  • First visit for consultation (15 mins)
  • Chemical Peel for butt cheeks (2 sessions)
  • Microneedling for butt cheeks (3 sessions)

Chemical Peels & Microneedling

Blemishes, scars, and hyperpigmentation are issues commonly talked about in regards to the face. But we at Bespoke Surgical often have this conversation regarding the butt and body. Patients come to us concerned, embarrassed, and frustrated dealing with ongoing body acne, scars, and stubborn hyperpigmentation. Utilizing various medical grade peels and professional microneedling, we are able to address these concerns and give our patients the confidence to showcase their beautiful skin. We always begin with a complimentary consultation to address your concerns and goals, and fully customize your treatment plan to deliver you optimal results.

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Laser Hair Removal

There are quite a few avenues one can take to remove hair, but at Bespoke Surgical, we only utilize the gold standard treatment of Laser Hair Removal with the Cynosure Elite IQ dual Alexandrite/Yag Laser. With this powerful device, we are able to treat all skin types/tones to leave your skin smooth and free of razor burn. We recognize that people have different aesthetics when it comes to showcasing body hair, which is why every treatment is fully customized to your individual taste. With our most popular area being the Brazilian, patients can feel comfortable knowing that Bespoke Surgical is a unique environment where one does not have to feel embarrassed about having their intimate areas treated.

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Anal Bleaching

Yes, it is a real thing. What may have started as a rumor of early porn is certainly a reality here at Bespoke Surgical. Being the premier medical facility dealing with anal issues, it is no surprise patients have asked about concerns over the hyperpigmentation they have around their bottoms. What we offer is a one-of-a-kind service utilizing a medical grade peel specifically designed to lift hyperpigmentation without the utilization of harsh ingredients like peroxide. Patients will first receive a complimentary consultation to validate that they are a candidate for the procedure, as well as receive pre-treatment instructions. After two sessions, most patients can expect an improvement in anal lightening that hopefully restores their sexual confidence.

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Butt Facials

A facial for where?! Yes, you read that right. Butt facials are one-of-a-kind services that target specific skin concerns on an often neglected part of the body. Whether you want a quick touch-up for a booty-ful glow, or a breakout-targeting treatment, our aesthetician will customize each service to fit your goals and concerns. For many people, acne on the butt cheeks can cause frustration and embarrassment, whether in the bedroom, at the beach, or even at the gym. But it’s often not something we talk about, let alone seek treatment for. Wearing tight clothing all day, exercising and sweating, irritation from wiping, and even using the wrong bodycare products, can all trap bacteria onto the skin, causing the pores and hair follicles to get clogged and become infected. This is known as folliculitis or acne vulgaris. Suffering from booty-breakouts can cause physical discomfort as well as mental anguish, but the good news is, we’re here to help put these concerns behind you. Periodic deep-cleansing with targeted products and tools provides a simple solution to these frustrating issues. The Butt Facial is the best way to professionally cleanse those hard to reach areas with breakout targeting cleansers and exfoliants, extractions of clogged pores, hydrating serums, and customized jelly masks. You already pamper your face and your body. Why not lie down and let our aesthetician give your booty the spa-treatment it’s always deserved?

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From our clients

“I’ve never received better care than I have from Dr G and his team – Natasha, Max & John. Dr G is the best doctor, and one of the best humans I’ve ever encountered. He really cares, and goes above and beyond for his patients. Love this guy!”

– R.M.

“I cannot recommend Bespoke Surgical enough for guys like me. I am observing myself to be in the best shape I’ve ever been since these complications arose. Dr. Evan has the height of my gratitude and appreciation.”

– R.I.

“Going to the doctors is never easy but from the moment I walked in I felt myself exhale for the first time since my issues began. Thank you to everyone for creating a space that calms while inspiring wellness and healing. To be seen and heard by someone within our LGBT community was a game changer.” – A.H.

“Steve [Lavender] said it best, it’s a community thing! Loved every person I interacted with, felt validated and like everyone was eager to help. I think you’ve got something really special here.” – A.O.



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