Underscoring our philosophy, we understand the evolution of the complete male with the expectation of outstanding wellness.

  • Prevention

    noun pre·ven·tion \pri-ˈven-shən\ the act or practice of keeping something from happening

  • Restoration

    noun res·to·ra·tion \ˌres-tə-ˈrā-shən\ the act or process of returning something to its original condition

  • Reconstruction

    noun re·​con·​struc·​tion \ˌrē-kən-ˈstrək-shən\ surgery to re-form structure or correct an imperfection


Bespoke Surgical is a private elite specialty center focusing on health, wellness, and lifestyle for the modern man. Currently, a variety of specialties have been incorporated into the platform.  These disciplines truly exemplify our unified approach in your care.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 4.19.00 PMPatient Advocacy

Having access to an advocate allows the client to navigate seamlessly through primary sexual wellness and all other specialty disciplines. This liaison proves value in not only the internal institute, but in coordinating your entire overall healthcare portfolio; making sure you are receiving optimal and up-to-date evaluations and treatment protocols.


For today’s modern male, the anal orifice is utilized in many different arenas.  Though having a multi-purpose with diverse function allows one to seek new heights in sexual awareness, it does lend itself to potential injury and subsequent pathology.  Full analysis of the anal canal allows one to understand and align its overall functions with its goals.

Prevention focuses on minimizing injury, with proper mechanics to accomplish defecation and engage in anal intercourse, while extensively monitoring for the potential development of anal carcinoma. Understanding the human papilloma virus (HPV) and its pathologies of both anal warts and/or carcinoma allows for risk stratification by evaluating HPV sub-typing, genome testing, anal pap smears, and high resolution anoscopic examination.  Utilization of these innovative tests allows for a comprehensive treatment plan.

Restoration allows common ailments and pathologies to be surgically corrected, all with the intention of form and function being reinstated.  External and internal hemorrhoids, anal fissures and fistulas, and genital condyloma are a range of the most common pathologies evaluated.  The many restoration options available to you include in-office treatments, at-home personal monitoring and care with medications and creams, and/or surgical treatment.

Reconstruction is another vital service offered to our clients.” is another vital service offered to our clients. With several pathologies, the initial concern, injury, or trauma may have healed in a way that aesthetically is not optimal and/or the overall function has been compromised. Understanding ones overall goal allows a treatment approach to be tailored towards reconstruction. Removal of extra skin tags and/or tightening of the orifice if over-distension is an issue allows for re-alignment.

Having modern anal surgery specialists at Bespoke Surgical allows for a comprehensive understanding of not only surgical prevention, restoration, and reconstruction, but also how it plays with both one’s mental and sexual well-being, as well as their overall self-confidence.

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Proper Anal Lubrication Practices
Proper Diet Education
Proper Anal Cleansing Practices
HPV, STD, and HIV Screenings with PrEP Assessment
Anal Dilation Services
Anal Botox Services
Anal Pap Smears
Anal Restoration
Anal Abscesses & Fistulas
Anal Fissures
Anal Hemorrhoids
Anal Skin Tags
HPV & Anal Warts
Pilonidal Cyst Surgery
Anal Reconstruction

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