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Get Sexcited: The Most Popular Sex Toys By State

March 09, 2018 by Dr. Evan Goldstein

It’s safe to say that in recent years, sex toys have come out of the closet and into the mainstream. More people than ever are talking and writing about using sex toys in a sex-positive way, both alone and with a partner. In fact, the sex toy industry has grown exponentially and now has an estimated worldwide revenue of over $15 billion. It is clear that people are interested in buying and trying sex toys.

At Bespoke Surgical, this is something we can get behind. From butt plugs to vibrators to masturbators, we believe that sex toys, when used properly and safely, are a wonderful thing. They are a way to sexplore, either by yourself or with a partner. With that in mind, we wanted to find out which states are shopping for which kinds of toys the most. To find this out, we turned to search interest data from Google Shopping.

The Results

An infographic titled 'Top Sex Toys By State'.


Dildos were the top toy by total number of states, leading in 15 and vibrators were second. It seems that for many states, the old mainstays reigned supreme. Sometimes a classic is a classic. However, once we got to the third most popular by number of states, things got interesting. Bondage gear and butt plugs were tied with nine states each. Anal sex is becoming more and more popular and in a recent survey that we conducted, around 38% of straight women and 55% of gay men use sex toys to prepare, for pleasure, or both when it comes to anal. Bondage gear and interest in BDSM has become more mainstream, partly due to cultural phenomena such as 50 Shades of Grey.

Another interesting result was for strap-ons. This toy is of course one used by women on other women, but now even heterosexual men are getting in on it, discovering that some backdoor action can be quite pleasurable. Strap-ons were the most popular in four states, including California and New York.

An infographic titled 'Top Sex Toys By State'.

Closer to Home

Speaking of those two states, we also wanted to take a look at the data for the most sought-after sex toy in the two largest cities: New York City and Los Angeles. We took a look at those two cities in particular and here’s what we found:

most popular sex toy in LA and NY

Both cities differ from their state’s results. New York City, congratulations, there’s a lot of searching going on for cock rings. Los Angeles wasn’t into strap-ons as much as the rest of the state. Instead, they were shopping for bondage gear–in particular, ball gags.

Wrapping It Up

There are plenty of ways to get busy with yourself or a friend – and clearly, Americans are busy discovering them all. Dildos and vibrators were the top two toys by count of state, which would make sense due to the practicality for women in particular. However, more traditionally taboo sex toys, such as bondage gear and butt plugs, were the top choice in many states. Pleasing yourself or having fun with a partner has never been easier. With proper and safe use, sex toys are a fantastic way to try out some sexploration. After all, who says toys aren’t for adults, too?


To find these results, we first laid out some broad categories: butt plugs, vibrators, dildos, handcuffs, bondage gear, cock rings, male sex toys, and strap-ons. Under each broad category, we found the Google Shopping search interest for specific search terms and types of toys, such as jeweled anal plugs, rabbit vibrators, wand vibrators, suction cup dildos, ball gags, floggers, and Fleshlights, just to name a few. These terms, and others, were analyzed and averaged under the broader categories and the toy with the highest search interest was deemed the most popular in each state or city.

Bespoke Surgical’s Dr. Evan Goldstein is an anal surgeon that provides services such as anal reconstruction, hemorrhoid surgery, HPV treatments and more.

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About the Author

Dr. Evan Goldstein is the Founder and CEO of Bespoke Surgical. Dr. Goldstein has extensive experience educating and shedding light on health care issues relating to the gay community, and has been published in several national publications including The Advocate, OUT Magazine, Vice, Refinery 29, NY Mag and more.

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