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Why You Want To Try A Sex Pillow – And How To Use It

October 28, 2021 by bespoke

Whether youre looking for a bit more comfort in your usual routine or hoping to spice it up with something new, sex pillows might just be the solution to test out.

What Is a Sex Pillow?

Sex pillows are firm cushions designed to support your body during intimacy. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, these are great for supporting new positions or fixing awkward angles to help you enjoy yourself to the fullest extent. Although regular bed or throw pillows can also be used, specially-designed sex pillows are generally made from a high-density foam that holds its shape and provides more direct support, not to mention they often come with a removal, machine-washable cover.

Different types of sex pillow are available for all kinds of purposes. Wedge-shaped styles are better for raising hips, knees, or thighs as well as alleviating general discomfort with padding. Ramp-shaped options are longer and larger in size, intended more for back support; ramps are popularly paired with wedge-shaped products. Some sex pillows come as “mounts”: meaning they have a modification made to hold a sex toy for hands-free usage.

Why Should You Use a Sex Pillow?

Sometimes sex can be uncomfortable, but it doesnt have to be. Sex pillows, along with adding a layer of comfort, have practical uses, especially for those who might have joint and pelvic floor pain. They can make it easier to maintain a position over time, letting you extend your enjoyment. You can also relieve pressure on your joints by modifying your position with a sex pillow, which is a great bonus for people with neck, back, hip, or knee issues.

Unfortunately, anal pain, prostate discomfort, and pelvic irritation can all arise during sex. The good news is that proper positioning, with mild tweaking to accommodate everyones angles, can help diminish these negative ramifications, as well as help enhance you and your partners pleasure. By bringing a sex pillow into your play, itll help accurately place the pelvic floor in a more natural, accepting position.

In addition, sex pillows open up a new world of positions to try out. It can provide the right lift to make oral more accessible for you and your partner – or it can add leverage for thrusting. Not sure where to get started? Weve compiled a handy list of ways a pillow might be used to spice up your sexy time.

What Are The Best Sex Pillow Positions?


Putting a pillow underneath the hips during missionary helps lift the pelvis at a more convenient angle for penetration. The leverage will actually straighten the vaginal cavity for those with a G-spot, allowing for the perfect angle to stimulate that sweet spot. For anal sex positions, the lift will give you the opportunity for deeper penetration. If youre the type who likes a little bit of legs-over-shoulders action, a pillow will also help support your spine while you get it on.

On Top

Sometimes being on top is a lot of work. If its your turn on top and your knees are aching at the thought of it (and not in a good way!) maybe its time to grab some pillows and put them under you. Not only does it offer some leverage, it also means that your thrusting action takes less energy for more lift. Your knees will thank you!

From Behind

For individuals with taller partners, getting enough leverage to make doggy-style comfortable can be a hassle. Sex pillows can provide the perfect lift to get both of you on the level necessary to keep it comfortable and fun throughout the night. Just place it right under your hips and get situated. Adding a pillow to deepen penetration can also make it a snugger fit for you and your partner, which is a bonus for those whose partners might not be as well-endowed.


Lifting your hips for oral makes it comfortable whether youre on your back or your stomach. Either way, youll have easier access for your partner – sparing both their neck and your spine. Or, if your partner is just fine with it, use the ramp to prop up your shoulders and head instead so you can get a load of the view while they go down on you.

On Your Side

Love spooning, but dont love the awkward angles when getting frisky? Neither do we. A sex pillow between your knees can help put you at the perfect position to enjoy lazy, laying-down time without feeling like youre having to work for it.

Tips For Using Sex Pillows

When introducing a sex pillow to the bedroom, theres a few key things to remember. First and foremost, if youre going to use a pillow with your partner(s), make sure to discuss it before you bring it in – consent is key for all new toys, even cushy ones!

Secondly, youll need to remember to keep your sex pillow clean. Most have a removable cover that can be thrown in the washing machine. Washing the cover will reduce your chances of potential sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Finally, have fun with it! Your sex pillow can fulfill whatever needs you prefer, even if thats just solo play or some casual grinding.

Try It Out For Yourself

Bespoke Surgical offers the Liberator Wedge Sex Pillow, which adds that extra oomph you’ve been looking for when it comes to increasing your stamina and performance. Its high-density inner foam core keeps your bodies connected, lifted, and supported. This expertly-crafted sex wedge provides the perfect slope, angle, and firmness for anal penetration and to achieve your favorite sexual positions without leaving you exhausted. For those with G-spots, Liberator has calculated a 27-degree angle for the ideal G-spot stimulation and orgasms.

In addition to its carefully-calculated proportions, the Liberator Wedge Sex Pillow has a removable cover that is fully machine-washable to help make cleanup a breeze.

Check out our store today for expert-approved products like the Liberator Wedge Sex Pillow and more. Bespoke Surgical is the elite anal surgery practice made to suit all your butt-related needs, from restoration to aesthetics.

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